Friday, May 2, 2008

99 hot air balloons

The shape of speech balloons can do wonders for the subject of delivering a specific voice. Observe some of the most common types of balloons below.

Then there are other effects one can do by changing the shape of the balloon as well as experimenting with the relationship between balloon and the text inside.

This here is the only comic strip to use the top idea with text and balloon size. It’s in Swedish, but if you observe the 3rd panel it’s just what I was demonstrating in the top image. Bill Schorr used this technique here to show the enthusiasm of the son but how he in the end cant live up to his father's expectations.

First Panel:"My son, Grizzly bears are carnivores... so you must learn to hunt your own food.
Second Panel:"Let me hear your blood thirsty roar"
Third Panel:"urgh!"
Fourth Panel:"On the other hand maybe you should sit here and wait for a hare to get run over"

To be continued...

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